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teen wolf, riverdale, tvd, supergirl, selena gomez, the 100, the originals, etc.


this generation,this time,this,all of this,this and now,everything,this whole cycle,this,all of this,all of it,the now,the cycle,the now,the tommorow,the crazy things,the hope,the thoughts,the urge,the want,the need to fit in a square,the want,the urge,the all,the everything,the woe,the now,the cycle,the tommorow,the desire,the now,a cycle,the happening,the thrill,cluelessness,the neverending until its the end

leonardo dicaprio
Camille Portella
Camille Portella

@camille_portella bad boy❤  

caissie meyer
caissie meyer

@caissiemeyerx titanic is my favorite movie