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i'm the girl who ... has love in her heart and kindness to spread💕 • never wants to grow up • is a girly-girl and a tom-boy • has long hair • wears winged liner • haz got lashesssss for days • loves disney💫 • owns her quirks • has a signature smell • has fun😝 • is silly • is always loving, appreciating and spoiling her family with lots of hugs kisses and random gifts😍 • loves flowers☺️💐 • is adorably bubbly • is a hopeless romantic • is optimistic❤️ • 2 moods: too lazy to be crazy !!/

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Yo Nací con D I S N E Y 💛🌌


@HersheyBar Can't wait. 😍😍  

scarlet vazquez
scarlet vazquez

@arlette_vazquez miraculous ladybug