her first and only love was pizza and dogs| mythology nerd| obssesed with llamas, milkshakes and smoothie| i love art but art doesn't like me| hate horror movies| love read and watch tv shows|very honest| dog lover| small but angry| modern mind classic heart| loves all the colors (but have a crush on pink) | sarcastic but funny| weird as fuck

Harry Edward Styles
1 February 1994
Singer, songwriter, actor

Yeahhh boiiii #directioner pretty self explanatory lol and I don't feel like changing the name to Harry + Niall + Liam + Louis + it's staying 1D for now πŸ˜‚ imma let you finish, but 1D is the best boyband of ALL TIME πŸ’―


@matilde_battisti Styles, Dunkirk Premiere in France (Dunkerque)  


@gamzezoetje His eyes omg ! I'm crying  

green eyes

@gamzezoetje #One Direction #Harry Styles #Green eyes