👑Lana Is Queen👑

Lana is god, Lana is Queen, LANA IS LIFE👑♥️✖️

Hi, it's me. Some things I can't live without: nail polish, cacti, books, the forest, music, my polaroid camera, Bulgaria, Berlin, humour, cinema, period dramas, Downton Abbey, Eurovision, names, PVRIS, the LGBT+ Community, Kristen Stewart, bubblegum, languages, art, culture, friends & family, makeup, Avocado toast, wedding photography, Wes Anderson movies, black clothes, foxes, the sea, singing, writing, day dreaming, pretty girls, my bike, summer, Italian and Asian food, love and freedom.

Non sei solo qui...💕

tell me I'm your National Anthem 💕🍭💕 Queen Lana


@kafferepet born to adore Lana Del Rey