24, bi, Goddess of Ice Skating, one of the best female ice skaters in history and unquestionable champion of Russia, Irina's older sister, a little depressed and mentally destroyed because of her success, Kou's girlfriend and coach

fallon stark.
headstrong, genius, hacker, sarcastic, full of surprises, & niece of a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.
enjoys ballet, the color pink, hand-to-hand combat, & colt model 654 rifles.
"she can take apart and reassemble an ak-47 in 29.3 seconds, single-handedly take on a ten man army, and perfectly shoot a target from almost a mile away and you don’t want her on your team?"
"…but she’s tiny…and she’s wearing pink"

20, bi, Japan's Rising Star, became famous of her YT channel where she was skating her own routines and, for example, Yuuri's Eros, awkward af, geeky, loves her brother Ryo more than anybody, Viktuuri and Yelena's biggest fan, Yelena's girlfriend and pupil


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