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Semidiosa Forevah and evah💍

Look I didn't want to be a half-blood. I swear it upon the river Styx. But now I'm here, fangirling about fictional characters and spending my life reading books. Wishing to fly on Festus, go for the summer in camp half-blood and meet the seven. Ahhh that's the life of a fangirl. Hope you like my collection!

My heroes, My world💙
Percy è il miglioreeeeeee!!!!🔱 (Insieme ad Annabeth😉😍❤)

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@_x_osnapitzeve03 you guys should check out this awesome, hilarious youtuber. not saying you have to, but you can. his name is dashie. he has 3 channels; dashiexp, dashiexp2, and dashiegames. he is HILARIOUS, so you should check him out. ♡♡  

Alexandra di Angelo
Alexandra di Angelo

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