Metallica 🎧

Listen to escape, to find your way home, to collect thoughts, to release thoughts, to create thoughts. Listen to it and cry, laugh, scream or take a shit. Music is anything, everything and is something for anybody and everybody. A three-minute long song can change your life, or even save it.

Metallica was the first metal band i ever heard so they will always have a special place at my heart...honestly i like the way lars plays ...he might not be the best drummer but he has written great songs and if lars wasnt there metallica wouldnt exist ....RIP Cliff Burton...he was the master of bassists and a really unique person...i try to imagine how the world would have been if he was alive :'(

The Best Band Ever ❤🤘💀🤘❤


@ManabrookDisney I love how the song lineups behind him.  

Mariel Pinto
Mariel Pinto

@Patch_es_mi_angel Taste Me, You Will See More Is All You NeedMore Is All You Need You're Dedicated To How I'm Killing You