"I have an obsession with qoutes becaus other people are so much better at putting my feelings into words than I am"

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What i have on my mind and words that inspire me

Quotes are for inspiration, to understand yourself, to understand life and to learn a little more about it.

Name | Ross Cousland
Title | Arlessa of Amaranthine & Queen of Ferelden
Class | Warrior
Weapon of Choice | Double Handed Sword
L.I | N/A
Main Companions | Sten, Leliana & Morrigan

Background | The second and last Cousland child forced to not only witness the onslaught of the majority of her house but also join the grey wardens for her safety

Aftermath | After ending the Blight, Ross became Queen of Ferelden as a political ally to Alistair but remained influential in the Warden Ranks.


@the_night_skies Birdy - Let It All Go  


@girlyfuckingbitch Gotta remind myself. I hate standardized tests. I'm not dumb. I also think that the first time I start actually working/studying I should get an 800 on my SAT. That's stupid. That's dumb.