Just Perfection👫.....🚶

Sit down and prepare yourself to cry of jealously cause of all those cute couples while you are single af

Todo tipo de foto de casais, das mais simples as mais complexas

Todo tipo de fotos de parejas, de las más simples las más complejas

All kinds of couples photo, from the simplest to the most complex

Freiwillige Abhängigkeit ist der schönste Zustand,
und wie wäre der möglich ohne Liebe!
Voluntary dependence is the noblest condition we can be in; and how were that possible without love?

🔥This board is about him🔥

L is for the way you look at me

Be Classy
Be Classy

@proudToBeAlbanian It's the time we spent together that matters  


@omarr_ben10 nhbQ nihed