Hazza 😍 💜

Harry is not just kind. He's an angel, he's more than kind.
I love him so much, no words in this world can describe how much I love him. 
He saved me and made me who I am today, and I can't be more grateful. 

"Harry does fall, a lot on stage, and he likes woman of the certain a-a-age. We were once five and now we're four. I fell over playing golf and it was sore-or-or. Everyone in the world has seen us, but now we taking a BREAK. Louis forgets all his words, when we're singing. When Liam's phone bleeps. It's Simon ringing. Everyone has a 1D doll. Now you know. Now you know. THAT'S WHAT MAKES US 1D!!!"
This is brillant! REMEMBER THAT IT ISN'T OVER!! Peace ❤✌🏻

One love of my life in awesome pictures. ❤❤Hazza Styles.❤❤

Because Harry on stage is just a pure thing.