Harry Potter || Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger | Gryffindor

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Just relax. Take a coffee, some sweets and read a good book.
Winter, rain, books, silence, travelling, fireworks, hot chocolate, hot tea, frappuccino, forests and fruits. My inner peace.

My most older best friend and only big sister I'll ever have.
Chimidoro Red in real life.
" I used to be white once, just like her. Guess you can't wash away your sins that easily. "

Here is where I express my self with images... 🙂

certain as the sun rising in the east
tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast

Mah Marchiorato
Mah Marchiorato

@mahmarchiorato taming-the-tiger:“by syinq.”  

Ella Grady
Ella Grady

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