Art you may or may not like. [FACT] I consider Anime as art, but that will now be in another collection :3 (Also, BATIM FanArt has its own collection owo). Seriously, art is B E A U T I F U L <3 Please enjoy this collection as much as I do! ;3- Teardrop🌊

A collection of art gathered for the purpose of "recoloring" in my Recolor app!

"Earth without Art is just Eh."
Let it inspire you.

Animals a truly a gift we need to appreciate more. They're so precious and cute and I love seeing people cuddle their dogs and cats or axolotl or whatever you have- Teardrop🌊


@lovelybeca126 I'm not crazy about the rose in the body, but I love the style of the fox and it's white eyes: