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Inspiration for a character named Twilight Black. She's a fallen archangel, the raiser of Umbra, the step-sister of Chimidoro Red and the gardian angel of Kate Redfox / Leviah.

Cold, distant but warm inside, Stef is Kate's best friend until she learns how to see the " Grey World " through Artemis' eyes. Influenced by " miss Sunshine " and her past memories, she push all of her friends away in hope to stay sane and in security.
But the loneliness give her panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Thinking that Kate is the source of her diseases, she'll blame her and harm her.
After the Black Summer's events, she integrate the rebellion against Umbra to save her friend.

Cold, distant and a bit self-centered, Twilight Black is considered as Kate's gardian and, as the story goes on, her gardian angel.
She's the one who knows the most about everything and everyone, but she never seems to open her mouth about these dark secrets that she learned - and at what cost ?

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Your secret lover
Your secret lover

@Sheeranand1Dlover She is perfection