''Sache que si aux yeux du monde tu n'es rien, aux yeux de quelqu'un tu es le monde entier"

"Cap ou pas cap de m'aimer toute ta vie ? <3''

Cada uno sabra por que entro a esta coleccion. Las frases que leemos no solo son por que si, tienen historia, sentimiento, corazon, alma... Amor, desamor, tristeza, depresion...

Find your equal 💓

Yet, there was once a king worthy of that name. That king was Arthur. It is paramount disgrace of this evil generation that the name of that great king is no longer spoken aloud except in derision. Arthur! He was the fairest flower of our race, Cymry's most noble son, Lord of the Summer Realm, Pendragon of Britain. He wore God's favour like a purple robe.
Hear then, if you will, the tale of a true king. -Stephen R. Lawhead, Arthur

black and white

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Line Frost

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