Soompi's Muestra Tu Fandom: Bts

this cute being will be right here in his very own collection! I hope you enjoy his cute baby bun face๐Ÿฐ

ยปะˆ ฮน ะผ ฮน ะธ ฦ’rom Bฮ›ะ˜GTฮ›N SONYEONDฮ›ะ˜ยซ

~Los asiรกticos estรกn esculpidos por dios en persona~ (Mostly BTS because they're amazing and I love them and if you don't what the fuck are you doing here? Go away/Mayor cantidad de fotos de los vitiez porque se me canta el orto no tengo que dar explicaciones, besos rosa, si no te gusta andate arhe)