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Study inspiration, tips, ideas and so on 📝 here you can find photos of bujo, notes, stationery, lettering samples, motivational quotes and lots of school/college stuff 💻💡🗒 mostly langblr and AP preparation note takings 📋

I'm crazy about studying, writing notes, different chancery. If you are the same, then join my collection.


@yellow_clouds_81 kinstudies:“280517: my finals for this semester aren’t until the end of june but I’m starting to really condense everything by combining my lecture and textbook notes so I have a handy guide to refer to during stuvac.”  


@reveuse_a shelly1220: “11/100 | 1 April 2016 | 9:40 am2 days, 2 different Starbucks. Almost all my pictures are of me studying psychology so I added a math one just to spice things up. ✨ My calc grade is slowly...: