~Beautiful Things~💙

Enjoy the little things😍

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For you who might have self doubt, worry or just need some positivity in your life:
"Some day we will find
what we are looking for,
or maybe we won't,
maybe we will find something
much greater than that." 💕

This is my "Secret Garden" ; all indie,all flowers and plants.

To you who loves Denmark and its culture:
"His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan. To be born in a duck's nest, in a farmyard, is of no consequence to a bird, if it is hatched from a swan's egg. "
~ HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, The Ugly Duckling 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰


@damienne_vandemoortele foto van La Porta socchiusa di Scyna Suffiotti.  

Gigi m.f.
Gigi m.f.

@AlphaaMind coffee first  


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