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I love sharing the art of the world. Beauty and inspiration are found in the creations of others. We must celebrate art for the Earth's sake.

Art you may or may not like. [FACT] I consider Anime as art, but that will now be in another collection :3 (Also, BATIM FanArt has its own collection owo). Seriously, art is B E A U T I F U L <3 Please enjoy this collection as much as I do! ;3- Teardrop🌊

Animals a truly a gift we need to appreciate more. They're so precious and cute and I love seeing people cuddle their dogs and cats or axolotl or whatever you have- Teardrop🌊


@anteplikiz Cute drawing🐘  

5 seconds of summer ♡
5 seconds of summer ♡

@5secondsofsummers Disney weheartit ❤️