Couple Goals

And in my dreams I will always find My way back To You

In our journey to find love, we might step across a few who don't last. And thats alright. But from the bottom of my heart, I'm asking you to make sure every "I love you", "I miss you" and every kiss you gave, was honest and sincere. Felt by every vein, from the deepest of your heart. Think about how fragile a person is, when in love. Don't take advantage of that. Leave traces, not open wounds. Let them still find the love they deserve. Even if that excludes you. - Journey and seeking of love.

Mama said there'd be boys like you
Tearin' my heart in two
Doin' what you do best
Takin' me for a ride
Tellin' me pretty little lies
But with you I can't resist

Before I met you I never felt good enough
Before I let you in I'd already given up

So when you hold my hand,
Do you wanna hold my heart?
When you say you want me,
Is it all of me or just one part?

I like love, it signifies the beginning for some happy endings.

Dope shit
Dope shit

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