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Late teens. Genious. Lots of Life experience through travelling and moving fosterhomes. Complex relationship with mom. Into litterature, psychology, philosophy and politics. Liberal, bisexual, sapiosexual, polyamorous. Straight A-student. Honest, sarcastic, a bit cynical, fears attachment and loss of Control. Rebel, non-conformist. Always busy. Struggles mentally. Expert with mental breakdowns. Questions everything. Activist With strong political opinions.

alive or just breathing?
ich hasse es nachzudenken.
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Cada uno sabra por que entro a esta coleccion. Las frases que leemos no solo son por que si, tienen historia, sentimiento, corazon, alma... Amor, desamor, tristeza, depresion...

Early/mid 20s. Hippie. Bohemian. Destributes drugs. Quits university despite being offered a prestige scholarship. Lives in a tiny flat above a vintage store. Volunteers at a refugee asylum. Barely has any money, but is able to enjoy life without it.

D a n i e l ♤
D a n i e l ♤

@danielalfonso99 Miserable.