It's Only Rock 'n Roll

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Listen to escape, to find your way home, to collect thoughts, to release thoughts, to create thoughts. Listen to it and cry, laugh, scream or take a shit. Music is anything, everything and is something for anybody and everybody. A three-minute long song can change your life, or even save it.

"We can be heroes, just for one day." - David Bowie

"My cup is yellow
Or not, though not's
It's yellow"
_Aram Saroyan

Amazing artist, who really was his true self through every moment of life.

david bowie

@Killer_in_the_tomatoes david bowie 60s  

Jimi Hendrix

I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to. - Jimi Hendrix.  

the who

another hero from when I was 5 hehe (creepycreepycrawlycrawly creepycreepycrawlycrawly creepycreepycrawlycrawly): Music, Against, Target, Rock, Dr. Who, Classic, Keith Moon, Shirt  

bob dylan

Bob Dylan— long as I've been a Rock N' Roll fanatic, I'm just beginning to learn about Dylan. Dylan is a genius? I think so...: Music, Bobs, Bob Dylan, Rock, People, Bobdylan, Dylan O'Brien  

46 1975 - Stairway to Heaven.....This song means so much to me. It has helped me through a lot over the years. It means so many different things. As the lyrics go "You know sometimes words have two meanings.": Ledzeppelin Ledzep, Musi  

led zeppelin

Robert Plant -- I don't know what it is about him & Jimmy Page, maybe because they're musical geniuses, but I'm in love.: Music, Classic Rock, Led Zeppelin, Led Head, Ledzeppelin, Robert Plant, Plants, People