I love you... But I think that I fucked it up. So I lost you. I lost you and all I ever want is to have you back, I want you back in my life and just let it be wonderful. Because honestly, I can't see beauty in the world anymore. And believe me, I know that it's so incredibly stupid of me to put my happiness in the hands of one boy. One boy. But how can I not? How can I not when he means the world, when he's all that puts colour in my world, when he's all...


@hekurani07 I saw you in my dreams again it felt so real  


@beatrice_jemai She was in love, he was too blind to see  


@aamin_se96 Did you understand or not?I was walking there waiting for you,just to see you by accident.just for you but when you arrived I was looking for nothing .me fool I could look in your eyes...but