✌ P E R S O N A L 🍃☯

Pictures that resonate with me on a personal level. All of them are part of the world inside my head, and all evoke some sort of emotion in me. Needless to say, this collection is my most treasured one.

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Minimal | Marble | White | Inspiration

There was a time when I was alone no where to go and no place to go home. My only friend was the man in the moon and even some time he go away to. He tell me 《Peter Pan that's what they call me I promise than you never by alone》♥


@holyspidey “islam says the same as always”  


@airulofila Mary Poppins  


@QueenMiaHere Happy new year! Thank you so much for this year! You are amazing and I hope you've hade a good year! Let's hope that 2017 is a even better year! Thank you so much and I love you!❤