~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
This is my appreciation collection dedicated to my main bias of BTS and dream man Park Jimin! Although he wasn't my first bias, he has definitely won me over and I treasure him dearly. He's truly beautiful and humble. Literally his physical attributes and essence is so beautiful, like how can a human be so dreamy? I wish only the best on him and the others. Join the ARMY to continue to love, protect and support our handsome idol's. Fighting! ❀
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It's either bangtan sonyeondumb or bantan sonyeondamn. There is no in between

~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
This is my appreciation collection dedicated to Min Yoongi! This man has the nicest legs ever but with that said he also is very humble and funny just like the others. Let's expand the army to support and protect our handsome idol's. Fighting! ❀
♡ xo · KimchiBvby · xo ♡