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biases in exo.

byun baekhyun; perfect man. you'll never find a single flaw on him. he's so loud but funny. his laugh is contagious and can make everyone happy. he's not afraid to be himself. he's an amazing singer and his vocals are no joke. and i love him so much :)

park chanyeol; tall and handomse guy. he's super talented, he can rap, sing, play different instruments, act, etc. his laugh is contagious, and everytime he laughs, he hits someone, maybe himself. his voice is so deep. i love him

Group: EXO
Members: Xiumin, Suho, Yixing, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Jongin & Sehun
Bias: Baekhyun & Chanyeol
Bias wrecker: All of them
Main ships: Chanbaek & Chemin

Xiumin ¤ Suho ¤ Lay ¤ Baekhyun ¤ Chen ¤ Chanyeol ¤ D.O ¤ Kai ¤ Sehun

Nombre artístico: 세훈 / 世勛 / Sehun
Nombre real: 오세훈 / Oh Se Hun
Nombre chino: 吳世勛 / Wú Shì Xūn
Nombre japonés: オ・セフン / O se hun
Nombre en inglés: Stephen Oh / Stephen Wu
Apodos: Senshine, Sehunnie, Willis.
Profesión: Cantante, Rapero, Bailarín, Actor y Modelo.
Fecha de nacimiento: 12-Abril-1994 (23 Años)
Lugar de nacimiento: Seúl, Corea del Sur.
Estatura: 183cm
Peso: 63kg
Grupo sanguíneo: O
Signo zodiacal: Aries
Signo zodiacal chino: Perro