Oc; Olivia Dawson

olivia elizabeth dawson - dead liv, rich, blonde, tall, weed, green eyes, popcorn, liar, wild, red nails, drunk, crazy bitch, coffee, sunglasses, bird necklace, murder "my sister... sam! where is she? she's safe, she's alive?"

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victoire isobel weasley - gryffindor
patronus - cat
s; edward remus lupin
vic, tulips, apple pie, summer, bows, butterflies, tea, pearls, aconite, sweet, body cream with ice cream smell, seashell, daddy's girl, hairstyles, france, arithmancy, beach, head girl, hats

“paris is always a good idea”

not a "girl color"

angelique gabrielle de moreau - beauxbatons
patronus - white swan
angel, blonde, ballet dancer, pink, lace, swan lake, paris, classy

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