Oc; Samantha Dawson

samantha margaret dawson - kensington, london sam, rich, hazel eyes, blonde, skinny, marijuana, insecure, impatient, smartass, tennis, drama club She was as cowardly as the raindrops. “you all left me!”

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riley matthews - new york
riles, sweetie, pretty brunette, feminist

"you are my extraordinary relationship, maya"

olivia elizabeth dawson - dead
liv, rich, blonde, tall, weed, green eyes, popcorn, liar, wild, red nails, drunk, crazy bitch, coffee, sunglasses, bird necklace, murder

"my sister... sam! where is she? she's safe, she's alive?"

concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do

sirius hank black - gryffindor
padfoot, valentine's day, play cards, motorcycle, leather jackets, coffee, long hair, gunner

“she told me she loves me and then i told her: i love cake.”

Nicolette Elzie
Nicolette Elzie

@nicolette_elzie WIP: Dreamweaver - prisoner of war  


Put yourself in someone else's shoes, and things will get better. The communication nowadays is only about how we do reply, forgeting that we must be understanding first. Communication is the key.