↟◦↡Exo Zhang Yixing↡◦↟

EXO's healing unicorn, Lay~

I say E-X you say O! EX-O! EXO! We are one! EXO is one of my utt groups, they have everything, the songs, the dance, the looks, the personality, and you just can't help it, you fall in love with them. Love you lots boys ❤️

Chinese Prince Zhang Yixing is the most precious creature in this planet and EXO planet, Lay is extremely adorable, have a golden personality,is a dancing King,and is the most handsome,gorgeous, sweet boy in EXO planet. Love you lots XingXing❤️

LAY | zhang yixing


Adda-ssi ♔
Adda-ssi ♔

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