This has all of the things that have inspired me (movies, musicals, music, people, etc.). I just didn't want to start a new collection for them and I'm so sorry for anyone who follows this bc it's so hard to find anything. Also, this one's pretty similar to some of the stuff in "create yourself" ( I'd follow both bc it's just easier tbh). This has some interesting quotes and bookish things too.

imogen sage "immy" halpert

Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray

@SarahLouise03 ThreeThingsThatCanNotBeLongHidden,  

Joana Martins
Joana Martins

@joanafmm_1 I am a forest, and a night of dark,trees: But who is not afraid of my darkness, Will find banks full of roses under my cypresses Here in the forest dark and deep I offer you eternal sleep