So True

the most accurate things I ever read

her first and only love was pizza and dogs| mythology nerd| obssesed with llamas, milkshakes and smoothie| i love art but art doesn't like me| hate horror movies| love read and watch tv shows|very honest| dog lover| small but angry| modern mind classic heart| loves all the colors (but have a crush on pink) | sarcastic but funny| weird as fuck

Stuff that doesn't belong anywhere quite yet. It belongs here though.

Just a collection of funny pics that bring tears to your eyes or if you have a really bad day just read some of them and have a good laugh 😂 some of them are really relatable as well

I have a wattpad account @KCKasten 😊 I'd be happy if you had a look at my works.
I love writing so much ❤😍


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@lifetimelmns Hyper Masculinity Kills Young Boys. Please Stop.😢