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Add Images from other sites

Be part of the We Heart It community and submit your favorite images too. You can easily add images you find online using our Heart Button.

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How does it work?

When you're visiting a website and see an image you like, click the heart button on your browser. This will scan the current page and look for images you can add (images too small will be ignored).

The images will get a pink border around them. When you move your mouse over them, you can add tags, choose one of your collections (you need to be logged in on WHI for that), and save the image.

A new tab will open with the image you just added to We Heart It. That's it, congratulations! You've just added an image.

After you use the Heart Button to scan the page, move your mouse over an image with the pink border to see more options and save it on your gallery.

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The Heart Button for your browser is meant to add images from sites you visit and save them on your personal gallery. If you're on We Heart It and want to add an image you don't need to use the Heart Button for your browser, just heart directly on the site.