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Music Fact #135
Worst Suprise Ever!
Youtube Comment Win!
One Smart Man
My Damn Dog is Soo Stupid!
How to Troll Your Class Mates
Oh Siri, Sometimes I Hate You.
Hitting on Someone over the Internet
I Graduated from Hogwarts for This?!
Chill B*tch, I Got This
In the Name of God
How Technology Has Changed the Way We Poop
A Slip of the Tongue at the Doctors Office
Saw This Guy Hanging Around the Cologne Cathedral
Meanwhile in Windows Live Messenger
How I Feel when Someone I Know Sees My Bedroom
When Diets Start
Just when I Thought I Did a Good Job
Something Doesn
Come On! You Can Do It!
I Don
Real Badass over Here
Bad Luck Brian Was Driving a Car