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(1) Likes | Tumblr — By Tanya Gomez at Studio 767 San Diego California....
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near to the moon. | via Tumblr — 1337tattoos: Halasz Matya — My peacock! Originally a henna tattoo done at 3rd... — Done by Chris @ Silver Needles, Southend, UK.... — Both tattoos are made by Anders in Lund Sweden.... — For my mom, dad, and little sister: Thank you for... — wombletattoos: Bit of this yesterday By Womble... — Original dotwork moth tattoo by Summer Breeze at... — This was done by Ceci at Buena Suerte Tattoo Shop... — BICEM•SINIK bicem-s... — BICEM•SINIK bicem-s... — Moon phases mandala done by John Sultana at Saved... — BICEM•SINIK bicem-s... — Photo by Alex Ozers. Tattoo by Johnny Jinx at... — My Cherry Blossom water colour style tattoo, done... — By Nikki Jo at Gully Cat Tattoo in Austin, TX