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Burning Love
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You've just won $100M in lottery! What would be the first "THING" that you will buy?
What are the four chambers of the heart?
What makes Chocolate,so great to you??
What's your top five favorite flavors of ice cream?
Why don't people like black cats anyway?
Looking for 4-6 thomasville fisher park dining room chairs
What are the best-designed, highest-quaity office or task chairs for work under $300?
Don't dream it, be it.
Jam, Jelly, Marmalade. Is there really any difference between them?
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Trick or Treat?
Trick or Treat?
What five foods would you serve extraterrestrial aliens looking to expand their cuisine?
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Is it true that most men like woman to wear red lipstick?
How many of you watch Turner Classic Movies on a regular basis?
What hair colors look good with olive skin/green eyes?
hello i am lindsay lohan
In what year did the movie "The Graduate" premier in the United States?
Who lived at 9764 Jeopardy Lane, Chicago, Illinois with the phone number 555-2878?
What are some of the top beauty lines that most women buy now-a-days?
Which breed of dog is best for a single woman living in an apartment? A small patio is her backyard...