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Tangled thanks -spoilers- by ~andells on deviantART
Flynn and Rapunzel by ~andells on deviantART
Birthday Cupcake by ~andells on deviantART
Snape and the bad encounter by ~Sally-Avernier
In Colour: V-J Day Kiss by *Mygrapefruit
now's when my life begins by *Tell-Me-Lies
Haircut by ~Cloudninja9
Ariel 01 by ~mihzu
Andells' Mermaid by *Bonka-chan
Crushin by ~punkbunny223
Satine by ~andells
young mother gothel by ~andells
human ariel by ~andells on deviantART
flute. by *Kippery
Wet Kiss by *tir-ri
Sirenas by *Nadiezda
woestijn. by *Kippery
tuff. by *Kippery
Oliver by *Sullivan
Enamorados by *Nadiezda
Giselle by ~winderly
hemlock by ~homentashen
Giselle by ~andells
Mermaids by ~andells
Syrena by ~andells