we're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

harry styles is the literal love of my life (besides my dog) everything he does makes me smile mybfucking ass off, he's such an amaizng man i want him to prosper and live on his life to the fullest of his needs and wishes; i want all of his wishes to come true throughout hisblife, i am so thankful to have the privelege to be alive at the same time he is. i honeysly am just so INFATUATED with harry styles and it really do be like that sometimes

From the bottom of the staris to the top of the word
One band, one dream and One Direction

my squish (β–°Λ˜β—‘Λ˜β–°)


@lolapqp Thank you forever, Adam Lambert  

SΓ‘ra Halasi
SΓ‘ra Halasi

@sara_halasi Harolde 😊😊