A Separate Peace

"Nothing changes."

about this collection I don't mean to make a neat distinction between boys and girls, genders are more complexes and shouldn't be reduced by this pair, so let's say these people are just people and not only boys because I have no right to put an etiquette on each of them, I didn't thought much while creating this collection and my girls', sorry. But let's just appreciate these faces.

Based on my ex friend sofia:
Blue haired n pale as a ghost, with the most seductive smile and saddest eyes...Sofia was the most interesting woman I've ever met she was dangerously attractive physically, mentally and emotionally, she was a combination of contradictions , she was strong yet fragile , distant and tender , fearless yet afraid of loving...she could charm her way into anyone's heart but she only had eyes for women, she was a thunder storm beautiful, powerful and unpredictable