Finn And Jack Harries 🌼

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Nikon,Canon,sony,instax,fujifilm,zenit,pentax and camera's phone

boys don't cry💫

I❤you ,guys😍❤

so this is mainly FINN...well that's because I love him 💕.....end of story 😂😜


@Ale_M1518 I spent the last 24 hours at Cambridge University visiting my cousin@ElizaFrayn . Super proud of her!  

jack harries

@Ale_M1518 Hey there, I've just written a blog post on with a bunch of behind the scenes photos from our latest video. If you're interested, click the link in my bio to see it. Jack took this photo on the Greenland ice sheet during the shoot.#selfiestic  

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@Ale_M1518 I wrote a new blog post! Behind The Scenes on Our Changing Climate  

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In my world

@1DemiLovat Happy Halloween!