Partner In Crime👭👽

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Et mon amour pour toi ne meurt pas, puisque je t'ai aimée en Allah 🌙💐

You'яє mѧԀ😡😤 I'm mѧԀ😡😤 U ċяʏ😰😭 I ċяʏ😰😭U jump oғғ ѧ ɞяıԀɢє💀 I'm ɢoňňѧ ʟѧuɢһ ѧţ ʏouя Ԁumɞѧss 😂😂ѧňԀ яuň ţo ţһє ɞoţţom ţo ċѧţċһ u💗🌸

My main two humans 💖(maybe three) *we decided we need a fourth🤷🏽‍♀️* three musketeers 🙈🙉🙊


@_Trending_Topic Need one !!!  

best friends

@acciosirius Even though he's emotionally constipated, I love this guy so much. I really couldn't ask for better friends. Our relationship may be a little screwed up but it's normal to us😂. It probably wasn't necessary to use the whole conversation but I think it was  


Awe .. I wonder who wants me on the low😐