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Illustration and painting will be in this collection. Art inspires me🎨🖌

( ˙0˙ ) Kanna - chan is kawaii 💞

"Mes motivations vont peut-être sembler banales par apport aux tiennes mais je ne perdrais pas non plus. Et ce grâce aux espoirs que les gens qui me supportent placent en moi"
" All men are not created equal. This was the reality I learned about society"

Just a collection of things I think are amazing or cool


@Elisa_beth Photo by Vampires_kiss | Photobucket  

❀ Serenity❃╮ 平静
❀ Serenity❃╮ 平静

@berunomigotosekai 图片 -- TOPIT.ME 收录优美图片