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Nothing much, just me. Who I am, how I feel, what I like. Lots of aesthetics, grunge, pastel, lyrics, but also tons of memes. Yeah, there is no between! Hope you have a good time here 💖

Hair get lighter, skin gets darker, weather gets hotter, nights get shorter, days get longer, drinks get colder, party's get later, Music gets louder, holidays are getting closer💛🌴🌻☀️

Captain hooks child, Harry, finds Adeline. A girl who not suppose to be on the island and turns out the be the myth they're looking for. But maybe the wrong one

Giih Andrade
Giih Andrade

@giovanna_andradii O Ceu É o limite Neh 🌸👏💘🍃  


@paola_lipan Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free ☾