Character : Kaya ( Ombre )

Eureuss is the long lost grand daughter of Lord Michell and therefore the heir to the thrown. She is kindhearted, courageous and really intelligent, she is unpredictable and a little bit shy and sweet. She had a difficult childhood with her adoptive family, wich leaded her to be anxious and have much nightmares.
When she was 5, the castle was attacked and as she was runing away with the help of her butler, she was left for dead, later on she lost her memories and was found by her family.

Anna Novel is the heiress of the Calum kingdom and of Nobel Michell. She is the grand daughter of Nobel Michell and the daughter of Charles and Alice Novel. Her mother left her when she was 3 and his father remarried Vivaldi Novel, a cold hearted woman who abused her when her father wasn't home. When he found out, Novel Michell took Anna with him when she was 14. Now she is a kind, shy but socially awkward person.


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