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"Comply with all the rules would make my life so boring. I want to say that extrapolated. So take my feet off the ground. Give me anything that makes me feel alive."

"It is important to insist, do what you want even if it is different. Be a 'Black Star"

"I love to drink and have fun - I do not do drugs, this is stupid, but I can drink and get pretty crazy."

"Don't try to tell me what to do, Don't try to tell me what to say,"

She is my love, my everything, the reason why i smile. I love her more than anything. I can describe how much i love you but there isn't enough words to describe you, i hope i'll see you one day and i'll hug you. I hope you'll notice me from social medias. I'll support you& i'll love you until forever. I know you love LBS's too. And this love, this feelings won't finish between us. I have got a huge connection with you and i don't wanna lose you, my lovely queen.


@wan_rocker Sexy b*tch