Were only human and there's oy so much we can all handle.

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Words can mean something to us.
Quotes speak to us.
These can be just what you need.

Quotes are deep, and show us life lesson's and experience's.

This collection you're about to scroll through, is basically the same as every "quotes" collection out there + it might get a bit depressing at times so... But it also contains lots of inspirational things that make you want to change your life right now


@unpocodiosa "Somos distintas y a la vez iguales"  


@cmg_tati My heart and prayer's go out to the people who lost their life's, can't be found and got injured, and to their family and friend's who lost loved one's.  

Ellinor G
Ellinor G

@ellinorgrn im fkn tired of being disrespected bc im a girl