ediтѕ and ѕтυғғ 'вoυт вae

My eternal love 'til the end of times...you are the only one who understands me, I just can't stop loving you your Harley forever <3

🗺Heal the World🗺
💓Make it a Better Place💓
🎵For You and For Me🎵
🌍& the Entire Human Race🌍

👏👏100% Completed Perfection👏👏

My Love, My Angel, My Darling, My Sweetie, My Baby, My Everything ♡_♡


@mikevict Michael: i love you, hehee :) (Millions of fans fainting) RIP One and only, king of pop WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN THAT MICHAEL♡  


@mikevict Berry Gordy to Michael Jackson at the Jackson Family Honors 1994