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Let me steal this moment from you now..Just breathe and enjoy what God has meant for us to enjoy. And the "Lady" part of my life is a true title. I am blessed by God to use the title to help others who would deny others in desperate situations.

Azul, blue de tristeza, a cor do céu quando alegre, o blues para um estilo musical que aprecio de montão. É isto: os variados tons de azul... Ou, como o nome do filme já dizia: "Azul é a cor mais quente".

"Blue Is The Warmest Color" ??!!

A little bit cold, I guess. But lovely, for sure. Dreams ... Sleepy ... Relaxing minds

Pisces Sign (zodiac) - The Blue's friend.

Cancer Sign (zodiac) - The Blue's friend.

Yaren Coşkun
Yaren Coşkun

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