Colored Hair

Hi everyone,my name is Gioele liuzzo,but actually i like more if people call me Konstantine,i love colored hair and it's one of my hobby to have and to do colored hair ,i have created this collection for you boys and girls ,to give you an ispiration for your ideas for your hair ,in this collection there's any type of color and hairstyle i hope you will enjoy my collection and that you will follow me ,kiss Konstantine

these 3 things always got to SLAY BITCH💯💁

Different hair styles and colours for girls to like / want to do themselves


@nadin31 I apologize that my English was not good..Because I am from Syria..I love you all😋  


@valishinadasha Единственное о чём я жалею в своей жизни, это о том, что я уделяла время людям, которые не были этого достойны.