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5. when we first truly met, i could see more with you but i could never admit it, even when you tried
so now im lonely for you
you were always my favorite
as i was yours
you are perfect to me you know
but it was too late
ready so you've been gone for awhile
and i know it's right, just not right now
but i can feel you're forgetting me


Here's to the ones who dream foolish as they may seem

why do I feel ten feet tall when I make him laugh

Giselle Azuara
Giselle Azuara

@giselle_azuara I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you..... I promise you are going to miss me....  

Ashlyn Faith
Ashlyn Faith

@ashlynn_faithh + i + would + drink + poison + if + it + tasted + like + you +