biases in exo.

byun baekhyun; perfect man. you'll never find a single flaw on him. he's so loud but funny. his laugh is contagious and can make everyone happy. he's not afraid to be himself. he's an amazing singer and his vocals are no joke. and i love him so much :)

park chanyeol; tall and handomse guy. he's super talented, he can rap, sing, play different instruments, act, etc. his laugh is contagious, and everytime he laughs, he hits someone, maybe himself. his voice is so deep. i love him

I decided to be a prisoner
Forever in your love
I’m ready to go all in

Low quality pics of my favorite angels 💓☁️

💓Luhan💓-10 Oct 2014
💓Kris💓-15 May 2014


@chanbaee happy birthday to our beautiful angel Kim Jongin🎉🎊 keep smiling and being our lovely nini bear🐻 we will always love and protect you!💞💞  

박 미치코
박 미치코

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