Throwing it back to holiday vibes
by coco

Today i got a glimpse of reality, realising that it completely sucks without having a glowing bronzed tan, and having your hair going lighter and skin gets clearer; freckles come out, but of course the best part...
Cocktails;) i really am having the holiday blues, i miss having fanta oranges when its super hot during the day, casually cracking a can open by the pool and feeling totally refreshed, i miss my long island cocktails, although i never thought that would be my favourite cocktail so far, i'm usually a cosmopolitan kinda gal, i miss taking adventures and always amazed when either walking, swimming, or any transportation for that matter, but most of all i miss not caring about life or how things are at home i enjoyed feeling free and distracted by the beauty of the world is, as cringe and depressing as that sounds, but i will agree i had an amazing summer, in total this year i've had 4 holidays and i couldn't be more grateful but the main reason of this little blog is that I HATE BEING PALE.